The best restaurants to eat calçots with kids

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In Catalonia we have an especial kind of onion which is harvest longer time and it tastes a bit sweet. It’s a tradition to eat this onion, named calçot with a nice and spicy sauce. The tradition is so accepted and well known that even towns and cities celebrate especial events with it.

There are many restaurants to eat calçots with kids in Catalonia, but today we want from Petit Explorador to recommend you the best restaurants to eat calçots with children. A great opportunity to spend a funny day with your friends and family while children have a great time and adults eat the best calçots!

Calçotades family in Arenys de Munt

  • The cuisine of Restaurant L’Era is based on local cuisine and giving special attention to the kitchen stations, focusing on seafood and land. They have a playroom with monitor space where organized activities for the children, where they play and they enjoy a great time! We love its quiet family atmosphere.
  • Menu onions:
    • Coca toast with garlic-and-oil
    • Salad and Grilled Artichokes
    • Spring onions or calçots with sauce
    • Grilled meat (lamb, sausage, slices of cheek and churrasco pork and beans with bacon and fries)
    • Pineapple nature or Catalan cream or chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream
    • Mineral water, house wine, cava and coffee
  • Children’s menu:
    • Mixed dish: macaroni, chicken escalope and chips
    • Dessert and drink
  • Activity Calçotades family: 50% discount on kids menu with Petit Explorador card!

Calçotada at Montseny

  • Want to enjoy a calçotada in a restaurant in the Montseny mountains with activities for children? This restaurant offers children’s menus and menu onions activities conducted by a team of monitors after eating.
  • Adult menu
    • Unlimited servings of onions / calçots
    • Tables pate
    • Grilled meat
    • Grilled vegetables
    • Profiterols / Chocolate fondue with fruit
    • Champagne, wine and water
  • Children’s menu
    • Spaghetti Bolognese / Cannelloni
    • Hamburger with fries / Chicken breast breaded / Baked chicken with fries
    • Ice Cream / yogurt / Fresh fruit
  • Observations Calçotada:
    • Friends of Petit Explorador have 2€ discount on adult and children’s menus.
    • The children’s menus are for children from 2 to 14 years. Other ages will be charged €3.

Great Calçotada in the Traditional Rural Villages

  • Calçotades in Rural Villages are traditional with all the amenities offered. They have great facilities with quality products, selected meats and vegetables and onions from local areas, especially collected for each calçotada and cooked in the traditional way. Check when each calçotada is held in each Vilar.
  • Menu Calçotada
    • Starters: Assorted salads, starters varied, creams and soups, pasta sauce (carbonara, bolognese …)
    • Main courses Vilar: Assorted meats and grilled fish when cooked with different types of garnish.
    • Second courses: homemade stews of meat and fish
    • Dessert: Fresh fruit, cakes, ice cream, yogurt …
    • Drinks are not included
    • And children have snack option for free!
    • In addition to the usual activities of Vilar, enjoy:
      • Cooking Workshop: prepare the romesco sauce
      • The garden in winter: Learn how to plant onions
      • Workshops and crafts with Masovera
    • Observations Calçotada the Vilar:
      • Calçotada in the Plaza del Vilar will take place on Sunday. Theme activities will be held throughout the weekend.
      • Reserve your calçotada with 10% discount for Friends of the Petit Explorador!

Do you want to recommend us more restaurants to go with children and enjoy Calçots?

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