Recipe for cooking panellets with children

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At Halloween, in Catalonia we have the tradition of cooking a nice pastry, called “panellets” especially in Halloween time. And from Petit Explorador we propose an easy recipe for cooking panellets with children.

The best way of celebrating this traditional holiday where they eat chestnuts and panellets in family! Cooking panellets with children is easy. You only need to watch out them when they have to be put in the oven.

Recipe for cooking panellets with children

Ingredients for approximately 40 panellets:

For the mass:

  • 400 g. of raw almonds flour
  • 300 g. of sugar of cane
  • 200 g. of potatoes or sweet potatoes
  • 1 egg

To decorate:

  • Pine kernels
  • almonds
  • 1 spoon of soluble coffee
  • grated coconut
  • sugar glass
  • chocolate
  • and all that that your children like


  • To do the mass, we will peel the boiled potato. We will give the children a holder in order to flatten it and we will add the sugar and the flour.
  • All together we will mix everything with our hands until we get an homogeneous mash.
  • This mass will be used as base to do all the types of panellets. We can leave the mass in the icebox a few hours because it gets body.
  • Then we mix the base with any of the ingredients we wish. Flavor chocolate, coconut, strawberry, coffee, cinnamon …
  • If you can make a pinion or almond panellet, it is better to mix them with the base. You can use the egg in order that they get hooked up.
  • To give the wished form, the children can give a different form depending on the type of panellet or the one they choose. Let your children invent new original forms!
  • Now it is time to introduce it in the oven preheated to 190 degrees with little power in the down part during 10 minutes approximately.

And now it is time to let them cool down and serve! mmmmmmm!!!

Encourage to cook this recipe of panellets with children!!!


  1. conedhvacrebates

    Panellets are a traditional sweet from Catalu a, prepared for Dia de Todos los Santos and served with moscatel or cava.

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