Ideas to link pedagogy to the school yard

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To play goes in favor of learning, motivating and gaining interest in knowledge, so in Petit Explorador we believe that linking pedagogy in the school yard is a first-rate tool to achieve educational development.

Some time ago we made an article about “Rethinking the school playground with 5 simple and economic ideas”, but today we want to talk about the use we will give to these spaces. What uses, activities and dynamics can we do to take advantage of this school environment.

School yard time has to have an educational function as a space that stimulates children’s ability to play and the development of their motor, cognitive and social functions. Learning in more dynamic and funny wat, gets children to retain better knowledge since it has been easy to acquire.

Ideas to link pedagogy to the school yard:

  • First of all involve all the teachers, students and parents in the contribution of ideas. Create games based on your own motivations.
  • Create different spaces which can be multipurpose.
  • Prevent all games from being competitive.
  • Think different games or guided dynamics for the hours of the playground.
  • Find the involvement of older students so that they can monitor different game options with younger students.
  • Find games of students who belong to other cultures and work with families to carry them out.
  • Select a group of students responsible for the environment: recycling, garden care, the importance of keeping our courtyards clean …
  • Offer students the possibility that they can have playground sponsors, that work to promote respect for diversity and prevent bullying.
  • Create a space for conflict resolution.
  • Offer the possibility to students to invent games.
  • Have a balance of varieties of games for all tastes (games moved, but also quiet).
  • Create games so that several children can play at once, and so, share with peers.
  • Allow space for symbolic play, offers a whole world of imagination shared between partners.

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