Ideas to celebrate an unforgettable communion

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Today in Petit Explorador we want to give you some ideas to celebrate an unforgettable communion. Here you will find some of the keys to make a beautiful, fun and original First Holy Communion. A Communion that your children will always remember.

Sometimes we think that the most important thing is to choose a good restaurant where to eat well and a nice dress for the child. But the preparation goes far beyond this, it is important that we think when preparing a party that appeals to both youngers and adults. And to get it we have to be clear at all this points:

  • Where we will celebrate communion
  • What kind of food will we offer to the guests?
  • Reminders and gifts for guests
  • Fun for everyone
  • Emotional moments: gift giving, speeches by sponsors, etc.
  • Space decoration and setting

1. Where we will celebrate communion

It is important that we choose a place according to the guests. Neither a too small space nor too large where it can seem a soulless party. We also have to keep in mind if we invite a lot of children that they have a space where they can play and have fun.


If you do not know where to go to celebrate the party for the children after the ceremony and look for a place where the children will have a wonderful time, we propose to rent a room specially prepared for children in Barcelona! Your child will be able to play and run with friends, cousins and all their guests without any danger.

Book a place and make the communion a very special day especially dedicated to the protagonist the smallest of the house!

2. What kind of food will we offer to the guests?

Apart from the typical menu of communion that you can choose in the restaurant, we want to propose a very original idea!


We recommend you make a candy buffet, an idea that makes children crazy but also many adults. It is very simple to make you just have to include all kinds of sweets. As you know not all guests in an event eat cake, but mostly all will go for a candy or a cupcake. The most important thing is that there is variety of each thing. Some products that you can put are:

  • chocolates
  • decorated chocolates
  • various sweets
  • toblerones decorated
  • conguitos
  • cupcakes
  • popcakes
  • decorated cookies
  • cake
  • candybar

It is beautiful, decorates the space and most importantly, will cause an unforgettable effect on the protagonist of the party: the child!

And if you decide to make the party at home and you want to hire a catering, on Petit Explorer website you will find a catering for healthy and nutritious communions intended for children as well as for adults.

3. Reminders and gifts for guests


There are many options from the most traditional to the most original we recommend you look and search the internet to find your ideal design. In our pinterest Petit Explorador you will find many ideas!

4. Fun / Animation for all

This is the key point of the party! The animation will make the communion from being a meeting to an authentic celebration. If you get both adults and children to have fun with different and fun proposals, nobody can ever forget the communion of your child!

toca toca

Some very funny ideas are:

  • A professional magician who will make a show that will leave you with your mouth open to both adults and children
  • A clown that will make everyone laugh without exception!
  • Children’s entertainers who will make a thousand games with the boys and girls so that the big ones do not have to worry about them
  • You can enjoy children with the animals workshop so they can see and touch many animals.
  • And you will find many more ideas on the Petit Explorer website!

5. Emotional moments: gift giving, speeches from sponsors, etc.

A very nice idea is for your child to prepare a speech of thanks. If it’s too embarrassing, you can read it both together But it is nice that they give thanks for attending the event to the guests they will greatly appreciate your words. You can also leave anyone who give nice words to your child. It will be a very emotional moment for him or her.

For the delivery of gifts, the best option is to enable a table so that when the guests arrive they can leave there. So we can create an exclusive moment to open the gifts where the protagonist will be the child.


Remember also to reserve a space for the book of signatures and dedications, make sure everyone sees it and can comfortably approach writing.

6. Space decoration and setting

Do you want to organize the First Communion of your children at home or do you need help in decorating the event? The Petit Explorer offers you ideas for the decoration of the First Communion of your son or daughter.


Make a Photocall, with this idea all the guests will feel famous for a day. You can hire a photographer or you can do it yourself. We explain how to make a homemade photocall:

  • You will have to have a smooth wall or similar (glass, living room furniture …) of a minimum of 2.10 x 2.10.
  • Material: 35 folios measure A3 of 90 gr. Printed Do not print on A4, too many joints. Invisible zeal (does not shine) or double-sided zeal.
  • Design: we recommend alternating 2 images: one with white background and one with pattern. Think well what you want to do before you print
  • With 35 sheets to measure A3, you get a photocall of 2,10 x 2,10. It looks good for the group photos to be inside the photocall.
  • To fix the photocall start at the top, one end to 2.20 of the ground more or less and tak into account that below are about 5 cm to the ground.
  • Each piece paste it with 2 up at the end so that it does not wrinkle. You’ll have time to put more zeal on it if you need to.

In addition to our pinterest you will find many other ideas!

And if you want us to help you organize the communion, contact us at: or leave a comment on the blog and we will get in touch with you!

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