Excursion to Matagalls with kids

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Would you like to make a short trip with children in Catalonia’s mountains? This time we have been with Petit Explorador in an excursion in the Natural Parc of Montseny. Climbing a small mountain! We have gone to a …

Excursion to Matagalls with kids!

The summit of Matagalls is the Montseny Natural Park, at an altitude of 1697 meters above sea level.

To get there we have gone to Sant Marcal. near Sant Celoni. There is a nice place to park the car, it is easy to reach and is well signed. Besides once you leave the car there is a restaurant close by if you need to go to the toilet or deal with last incidents with children.

While signals indicate that the path to Matagalls from Sant Marcal is high difficulty, we think you can do it with children from 9 and 10 years old upward. And the duration if we are generous and we make stops along the way to play with the leaves, take photos, observe nature, rest, drink water, watch the clouds or any other activity that you feel like doing, it may take us two hours and a half to get to the top of the summit.

The path is well marked, following the red and white signs. I recommend you to bring your hiking boots and stiks if you have them as well. There is a first part a bit steep with a height of about 300 meters, afterwards the path is quite flat until you reach a large esplanade where you can stop for lunch, breakfast o just have a small break. It is well reserved from the wind and in warm days you can enjoy the sun and play games there. Once here we start the last part of the path to reach the summit, a bit steep as well.

On the way to the top of Matagalls there are n fountains, at least in the sense we are explaining and without getting out of the way. Although the attached map indicates the existence of them. So bring water and something to eat as well as warm clothes suitable for the surprises of nature!

Enjoy your excursion to Matagalls with kids!


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