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Spring is an ideal time to do spend your time with the kinds enjoying activities within your family. In Petit Explorador we offer you some plans to do with your children this Eastern Week.

In Petit Explorador we have made a list of the 8 things to do with children this holy week!

1. Go to see a Procession. 

If you enjoy the processions, Eastern’s Week can be an occasion to share your interest with the small ones of the house, and in addition enjoy Spanish traditions.

2. Cook an Eastern Egg.

Organise a handcrafts workshop at home! First choose a few eggs and transform them into Eastern eggs, decorating them and putting them in baskets. In numerous cultures, the eggs symbolise “life” and “fertility”, and already in Roman’s and Greece time eggs where painted at the beginning of the spring and were handed to Gods.

3. Buy a nice Eastern Cake

In Catalonia there are famous Eastern Cakes from nice pastry stores, Big chocolates cakes are shown on the main bakeries, cakes stores and contests are carried on to be original, creative, big and adventure in making up different and attractive Eastern Cakes. So wander around and walk through your neighbourhood and enjoy this sweet tradition with your children.

4. Go into a Family Escape Week in a rural house

Spend the eastern week in a rural house. It is an experience that can be charmed especially if the house has animals like hens, geese, cows, donkey … In Petit Explorador you will find many offers of rural housing and hotels with activities for children.

5. Activities in Catalonia

During the Eastern week there is a great offer of activities for families. It is an opportunity to know new places and other families and children with whom you will be able to share fabulous days! In Petit Explorador you will find activities for all your needs! Some of them are:

6. Cooking all the family together

The sweetest tradition of all Eastern Week in Spain is to celebrate the party within your family and friends. We propose to cook special and typical Spanish meals for these days like: torrijas, buñuelos de bacalao, mona de pascua, …

7. Eastern stories

A nice way to start preparing the arrival of Eastern at home is to read some books and stories around Eastern Time. There are not only religious stories for kids but also stories on the funny rabbit which leaves the eggs.

8. Look for chocolate eggs

One of the most interesting activities for Eastern time is to look for the treasure with the kids. The story says that a small rabbit leaves the eggs hidden on the house and the kids can have a go to look for them. Take your camera and be ready to capture this funny time of joy when they find them.

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