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Today, at Petit Explorador, we encourage you to get lost in the Eixample district of Barcelona with your children. Check our proposal on 5 Activities with children in the Eixample and enjoy a day to discover the neighborhood.

You will find a large number of activities to do with all the members of the family, from the youngest to the largest:

Children’s show in the Eixample Theater

If you want to enjoy a family leisure time, we recommend you go to Eixample Teatre. In this theater they offer a special program for children and families. Also if you book through Petit Explorador website you will get discounts on prices!

  1. Where? Aragó Street, 140
  2. Special recommendation: If you are thinking of going to the theater with children in the Eixample, we recommend the show “Magia & Family“. That has obtained a score of 4 * among Petit Explorer users. We leave you some opinions:
  3. Alberto Romero (12/27/2017): Absolutely recommendable. We had an amazing afternoon. The actor / magician knew how to get up from the seat many times with applause.
  4. Maria de Mont Prats (26/12/2017): We loved both the elderly and the little one! 100% recommendable
  5. Xavier Saiz (11/19/2017): Great fun for the whole family, the Mago Marin is a crack! 100% recommended

Restaurant with children in the Eixample.

Good Things is the ideal place for families looking for local and delicious food, homemade, healthy and “Feel Good”. Simple and good dishes at good prices and all with natural products, from scratch, as our grandmothers did … Lunches, brunches, meals, menus or snacks, any time of the day is a good time to discover what Good Things means!

  1. Where: Calle de la Diputació, 309
  2. Special recommendation: They have products for celiac and lactose intolerant! There is a playground for children, which encourages traditional values ​​with toys and books. They have high chairs for children, changing table and a small washbasin for them.

Health and care for pregnant women and babies in the Eixample.

Marina and Nicolas Malecot are dedicated to soft osteopathy “without crunching”. That is to listen to the living tissues of the body, understand their organization and above all what disturbs its proper functioning: the manifestation of Health.

  1. Where? Consell de Cent Street, 217, 08011 Barcelona
  2. Special recommendation: Although osteopathy is not reimbursed by social security, some of the mutuals do so. Do not forget to request an invoice at the time of your visit.

Children’s store in the Eixample

  1. In Repollos Rebeldes at the Eixample district you will find toys selected to awaken creativity, versatile and made of natural materials. Toys of which last for years and with which smaller children can play as large.
  2. Where? Calle Villaroel 229, Barcelona
  3. Special recommendation: You have the opportunity to see and try some of their toys firsthand.

Children’s bookstore in the Eixample

  1. La Documenta bookstore, is a bookstore specialized in children’s and young people’s literature for children and adults, a long list of disciplines, workshops for children, storytellers.
  2. Where? Pau Claris Street, 144
  3. Special recommendation: They often offer free activity mornings on weekends for children. Stay tuned for the post of free activities that we publish on the Petit Explorador blog every Friday so you do not miss any storytelling!

Do you know more children’s spaces in the Eixample neighborhood? Tell all of us about it in the comments of the blog.

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