Activities for schools and MPA

Categories: Educating.

In Petit Explorador we have a department to help schools and groups of parents to organise their outings and activities.

We like to be creative and find out the best way that kids and families can enjoy their time together. We can offer you different activities either to enjoy your time at school in kids freetime or outside school where you can bo in a group to enjoy a day out of school with other parents from your children class. We work with restaurants and can organise a nice meal outside with monitors who would make up a contest and draws to build a nice team within the kids and also among their parents. Other activities can be held at the forest with an excursion and some deals to solve in groups. Parties, face paintings, clowns, theater plays and workshops can also be organised.

In our you-tube channel you can find some of the activities we can hold on, as well as see pictures in our instagram account or contact us through one activity directly in our web site,

Just contact us and we will help you to find out the best activities for schools and MPA.


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